Ways To Work With Me

As a certified Brave Thinking, Life Mastery coach, it is my privilege to share with you the many ways I am available to serve you and your dreams. Most people aimlessly journey through life, operating within the framework that has been defined by others, shown to us by our personal spheres of influence, only to one day in a moment of reflection, realize we are NOT living a life that we LOVE.

I offer a variety of programs, designed to help clients transform their lives by creating and sustaining a life that they LOVE living. Regardless of where you are in life right now, you may be at the beginning, defining your journey in life, in the middle, where you want to make a significant shift, or transitioning.

These programs were developed through years of study, application, and testing, leveraging a universal platform of spiritual principles in transforming lives.


  • DreamBuilder® Program (12-week program)

    Do you know that the power to transform your live is already within you? In this program, you will learn the essential foundation of a proven, reliable, and repeatable step by step system to propel your dreams into reality.

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  • Life Mastery™ (6-month program)

    This program is designed to guide you in six different areas of Mastery: Intention, Health, Abundance, Manifestation, Love, and Transformation. Upon completing this program, you will find yourself naturally making the changes you need to get the results you want, and you’ll bring more harmony, peace and joy into your life at the same time.

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  • Standing Firm When Your World Is Shaking™ (4-week program)

    This program is designed to provide you with all the tools you need to travel through the rough terrains that life can offer and help you to remain firm when the world around you is shaking.

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  • VIP Exclusive (12-month program)

    This program is designed for individuals who are ready and willing to do what it takes to reach the next level in life. This 1:1 coaching experience will provide you with additional exclusive programs and personal access to me as guide you in your transformation.

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All programs are offered in 1:1 or Group Coaching

  • Speaker/Trainer/Consultant

    Whether you need a speaker for a large corporate function, a small team meeting, an inspirational message for your civic organization or school, I have years of experience in delivering key messages. In addition to speaking engagements, as a certified change agent, I offer a variety of training topics and offer C-Suite strategic human resource consulting.

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