Giving Back

501c3 Give Back Program

5% of all revenue collected will be donated to a qualified 501c3 organization. In the client agreement, clients will be given an option to identify a 501c3 organization of their choice to receive a donation in the amount of 5% of client’s paid contracted service agreement.

In the event a 501c3 organization is not designated, a 5% donation will be made on behalf of the client to a 501c3 organization of my choice.

In addition, any 501c3 organization, including but not limited to churches, schools or civic organizations may promote my services to their members or participants. Any paid client referred by the organization, will entitle the organization to a 5% Bounty donation.

J. PAUL GETTY “I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort.”

Bounty Program

J. Paul Getty’s statement to me is simply stating that it is better to work smart, not hard. I may have a vast network, but my network as a network and I would love to reward you for sharing my services with others.

All it takes is to share my services within your network. That’s it! It is really that simple. If your connection choses to contract with me for services and they list you as a referral source, you will earn 5% of the client’s paid contracted service agreement. And you don’t have to be a client to earn this reward.

So, share and make $$$!

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